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Beyond Digestive Health: Other Benefits Of Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut is a good source of probiotic bacteria. These bacteria help populate your digestive tract, which helps improve your overall digestive health. This benefit, alone, is a great reason to eat more sauerkraut. However, improved digestive health is not the only benefit of sauerkraut. Here are some other health benefits you can look forward to should you choose to include more of this fermented cabbage in your diet. Improved Immunity Read More 

Two Easy Vegan Recipes To Use Your Vegan Chocolate

If you eat a vegan diet, then you probably reach for the vegan chocolate when you're out shopping. There are quite a few brands that offer high-quality vegan chocolate. However, the struggle comes when you decide you want to bake with that chocolate. In spite of how common vegan chocolate is, dessert recipes that call for vegan chocolate are a bit harder to find. Here are two easy ones that will make your taste buds happy. Read More 

Why Take Pine Pollen Capsules?

When you think of pine trees, your annual Christmas tree might be the first thing that comes to mind. However, pine trees are valuable beyond their use as a holiday decoration. Pine trees release pine pollen, which is an excellent health supplement for people of all ages. Pine pollen can be easily ingested in the form of pine pollen capsules. Here are four reasons you should include pine pollen in your diet. Read More 

Own a Restaurant? 3 Great Reasons to Put Gelato on the Menu

Prized in Italy, gelato is a delicious variety of ice cream that uses more milk and less cream than American ice creams. Mixed with everything, from cherries and crushed nuts, to chocolate shavings, gelato is a universally popular dessert choice. Here are three great reasons to put gelato on your restaurant menu. 1. Dress Up Your Dessert Menu While most people love ice cream, including a dish of ice cream as a dessert on your menu may not be as impressive as other dessert choices. Read More 

How To Buy Caviar Online

Caviar is considered a rare treat in many culinary traditions. Caviar eggs are harvested from fish and eaten raw. It's a delicacy that you can serve at a party or enjoy whenever you desire. Here are four tips you can use to purchase caviar online: 1. Select the right type of caviar. There are several types of caviar you can find and taste. Each variety is harvested from a different type of fish. Read More